Come along with me to the Marine Bar and bring your friends with you,

You’ll be glad you did before the night is through.

They’ll drink to your health (many times) and sing your favourite song,

They’ll treat you like your family, and you’ll feel like you belong.


You’ll find the “locals” at the quieter end and the tourists by the fire,

Thats were the music is and the musicians they so admire.

They’ll sing to you of our hero – Sinners, Saints and Scholars,

For those who spend their euros pounds or marks or dollars.


A traditional Irish pub it is, says a slogan on the wall,

But theres much more than that, there is! As I now well recall.

You’ll be welcome to stand up and sing a song or two,

You need not be professional, just to carry a tune will do.


Chris of the marvellous voice, always plays guitar,

Mike McKenna and Caroline King are the accordions greatest stars.

Theres “Finnegan”, thats Michael Flynn on the bodhran and castanets,

Marvellous music is made by them, none better (and I’m taking bets).


So come along with us, We’re a very friendly crowd,

Have a Guinness (maybe two) it’ll help you sing out loud.

Should you be visiting Ireland, or if you’ve been here all the time,

If you don’t join us at the Marine Bar, it would surely be a crime.



Kevin J Dalton

Connecticut, USA